Sunday, 7 August 2011

Printmaking on Dartmoor

Have just come back from a week long printmaking course taught by Kip Gresham as part of Dartmoor Arts Project's week of summer courses, lectures and general getting together with other artists.  The top picture shows us working in Peter Randall-Page's studio (I am on far right carrying paper) which he kindly converted into a temporary print studio for us.   The second image is one of the prints I produced using screen printing - something that was a first for me.  Both with the screen printing and the woodcuts I found myself wanting to get away from the marks most typically associated with each media, and with the help of Kip and his assistants found that that was quite possible.  The week flashed by so quickly, and producing series of monoprints can also be speedy, so I feel as if I have hardly absorbed what happened, what I learnt or what I feel about the images I made.  However, come September I shall get them all up on the studio wall and start to let them sink in.  There is plenty of fuel here and I know that some of it will cross over well into my drawing practice.  All good stuff.  Great once again to get away from the studio and play in a concentrated way.