Saturday, 21 May 2011

Pina Bausch

This week I have seen the new film about Pina Bausch twice and have been inspired and amazed both times.  The film is called Pina.   A German dancer and choreographer, she seems to have been a woman of few words, expressing herself instead through her own body and that of her dancers.  The body is used to express that which is beyond words, underneath words.  Surely a connection here with something I'm attempting to do in the studio with my figures.  But she is a master.  As she said to one of her dancers: you've just got to get crazier.   See the film and you'll know what she meant.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ai Weiwei

Today is the first real day of my blog.  Yesterdays postings were simply about me learning the mechanics of how to post things with my ever-helpful designer Kevan.  And so now I'm up and running I have to give some serious thought as to the purpose of this blog.  Am I simply adding to the stream of e-verbiage that it is so easy for all of us to spew out?

Perhaps, but I also know that this technology is changing the world and the way we relate to each other; the way politics is conducted.  So I am using this first posting to remember Ai Weiwei.  Here he is - free and on my studio wall.  But where is he now?

China - you will find that many of us artists, and many others too, will not forget him easily.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Walking in Mull

Walking in Mull - many beautiful things to be found.  

Getting the first image up and running!

This was the studio about five weeks ago before my show at Beaux Arts Bath.  It's just so different now....completely empty!

Setting up a blog...

The lengthy process of educating a craftsperson in the wonders of the modern world begins today.

Kevan Attridge struggled manfully to try and get the finer points of webbiness across to Anna. Did it work?