Saturday, 21 May 2011

Pina Bausch

This week I have seen the new film about Pina Bausch twice and have been inspired and amazed both times.  The film is called Pina.   A German dancer and choreographer, she seems to have been a woman of few words, expressing herself instead through her own body and that of her dancers.  The body is used to express that which is beyond words, underneath words.  Surely a connection here with something I'm attempting to do in the studio with my figures.  But she is a master.  As she said to one of her dancers: you've just got to get crazier.   See the film and you'll know what she meant.

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  1. It was even better that we drove for miles through the English countryside to sit amongst an unlikely crowd at Wotton Under Edge to catch a glimpse of such touching and inspiring human truth revealed in such unexpected ways.