Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A week of contrasts

It's been a week of contrasts.  I was up at the foundry in Wales for three days last week supervising the finishing touches to the metal work and then the patination of my two new works Solace (the standing figure seen in the first and third images) and Gathering Time (in the foreground of the first image).  I felt privileged to have such skilled people working on my behalf.  Then yesterday Niki and I were out collecting acorns from one of my chosen trees - again I feel lucky to have her support.  And now tonight, as I write, it is the private view of the Art London art fair and Aidan Quinn at Beaux Arts Bath is taking it out there to the public.  Solace is shown here in the garden area of the fair.

So, it feels as if all the of the 'timeline' of my work has been evident this week, from the gathering, through the foundry process and on to the final showing of the finished piece.  The week has also involved most the people who make it possible.  Perhaps I should have put a picture in of Giles washing up and picking the boys up from school when I was away in Wales, or the courier with his impeccably organised van, or Ali at the gallery typing out labels, or the six men at the Nailsworth foundry who loaded the van.  So although I refer to a 'timeline' of bringing work to fruition, there are many ways in which it feels more like a web than a straight line.

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  1. These are great photos Anna, but what about some more up-to-date ones?